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Working Hard to Protect You and Fight for Your Rights
Attorney Joe Maher is proud to be a lawyer in California and live Los Angeles. For 20 years, Mr. Maher has practiced law in the famous L.A. Superior Court and the various local U.S. Federal Courts where important local, state, federal, and international cases and business deals are conducted that greatly impact families, health, business, trade, medicine, and Constitutional Rights.

The Law Office handles a wide variety of these cases and can litigate most matters in the: California Courts (and Appeals), Federal Courts (District and Appeals), U.S. Immigration and Bankruptcy Courts, and other Commissions. Joe Maher is committed to giving his clients a fighting chance and a voice in tough complicated cases against hard opposition and resistance. Read more...

The Law Office of Joseph C. Maher - Practice Areas
We are a full service trial law office and represent individuals, families, artists, and businesses who have been harmed or need assistance is business transactions. Often your freedom, health, livelihood and business, and survival of your family are at stake. Each matter is important and Joe Maher works hard for his clients. You can trust that your case, or other business, personal, or family matter will receive the dedication it deserves. Read more...

Immigration - Personal, Business, Trade
The Law Office of Joseph C. Maher also handles immigration matters that can be difficult and complex. Joe Maher is committed to keeping families together and keeping the American Dream alive. U.S. Immigration law allows for the preservation of the family and encourages properly applied for international business workers. Mr. Maher speaks Spanish.

Contact Us today by email or at (310) 204-1910 for a free initial consultation to discuss any potential case or problem. The Law Office of Joseph C. Maher can immediately help protect your rights and assist you in obtaining full compensation for any personal injury or business matters you may have. We welcome lawyer referrals.

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