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CLASS ACTIONS & MASS TORTS                                                 

A class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of a group of people with the same or similar damages caused by mass produced products, unfair business practices, or violations of health, safety and welfare. Consumer protection, privacy, and finance laws are also included.

Mass tort litigation typically involves catastrophic tragedies and diasters like train and airplane crashes, plant explosions, contaminated and polluted groundwater to a community that causes cancer, or involve aspects of a class action when a defective product causes widespread personal injuries.

Examples include, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, motor vehicles and defective consumer products, and corporate, bank, and securities fraud. Often, the class action lawsuit is the only way vindicate consumer rights when it is impractible and nearly impossible for a single person to litigate such violations, as in the case of bank fees and company overcharges.

California has its own unfair Unfair Business Practices and Deceptive Advertising laws called "17200" claims that can be brought for unfair and deceptive business practices in violation of the California Unfair Competition Laws (“UCL” – Business & Professions Code, §17200 and  §17500).

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