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The pharmaceutical and medical device industry is big business. When drugs and medical devices fail, life-altering injuries, catastrophe, and death typically follow. U.S. FDA recalls, recalls in other countries, and litigation have shown that companies inadequately test, misrepresent and falsify studies and reports to first get approval, and then to deceptively label and market the drug or device. The obligation to make safe medical products is no different than any other product, and includes the duty to design, manufacture, inspect, and appropriately warn and label the products. These claims are called “product liability” lawsuits and are based on the defective products. Victims suffer from serious personal injuries and deaths do occur. 

Remedies for injuries include monetary compensation for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, future life care support, past and future loss of income and earning capacity, and loss of benefits. The spouse/caretaker of an injured or wrongful death victim can additionally recover damages for loss of household services and “loss of consortium” which is the loss of society, comfort and care. Punitive damages are often awarded for bad faith, malicious, oppressive, fraudulent or reckless conduct, when the manufacturer knew of the dangers and failed to warn, properly label or change the design....placing profits over the health safety of consumers, the ill and infirmed.

Dangerous Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
The following types of medications that are currently of interest as dangerous, defective and posing significant health hazards include: acid Reflux and heartburn drugs; acne medicine; antibiotics; anti-depressant (SSRI) drugs; birth control pills and vaginal rings; blood thinners; diabetes drugs; MRI contrast agents; osteoporosis and bone loss medicines; seizure and epilepsy drugs; and weight loss products. ** Note – Do not stop taking any medications without first consulting your doctor. 

Dangerous Medical Devices
The following types of medical devices that are currently of interest as dangerous, defective and posing significant health hazards include: cochlear implants; hip implants; hip cups; pelvic mesh; and pain pumps for the shoulder and knee & shoulder.

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