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DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS                                                               

The Law Office of Joseph C. Maher represents individuals and families in “product liability” lawsuits involving injuries, catastrophe, or death caused by defective products. The claims are based on improper design, faulty manufacturing, and failure to warn (which includes incorrect instructions). These cases can be filed against all businesses in the chain of commerce, including: manufacturers, component part makers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.These lawsuits can also include breach of warranty and claims against maintenance companies for faulty repairs. Defective products are often sold as safe by deceptive advertising, but internal company documents reveal the manufacturer knew of the dangers and failed to warn or change the design....placing profits over safety.

Consumer Products
Examples of defective consumer products commonly include:

• automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles
• children’s toys and car seats
• garage-door openers
• tires
• tainted and poisoned food
• playground and sports equipment
• furniture
• kitchen and household appliance
• water heaters
• power tools
• garden tools
• lawnmowers and chain saws

Dangerous drugs & medical devices are also included among defective products used by consumers that cause serious injuries. 

Workplace Machinery and Equipment
Product liability also includes defective machinery and equipment that cause workplace injuries and fatalities, such as:

• safety guards
• punch presses
• table saws and woodworking machinery
• generators and electrical power sources
• cranes, tractors and backhoes

• ladders and scaffolding
• hoists and rigging
• forklifts and skid loaders
• conveyors
• mixers

• jack hammers
• nail guns
• power tools
• welding equipment
• metalworking and foundry machines

Asbestos and other toxic chemicals like benzene, beryllium, arsenic, lead, pesticides, and paint are also included among defective products.

Contact Us today by email or at (310) 204-1910 for a free initial consultation to discuss any potential case or problem. Defective Product cases can be difficult and complex cases. If you or a loved one has been injured, the Law Office of Joseph C. Maher can help protect your rights and assist you in obtaining the full compensation to which you deserve. We welcome lawyer referrals.

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