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Nursing Home Abuse
Elders are being neglected and abused at skilled nursing facilities, convalescent homes, assisted living facilities, and residential care facilities for the elderly. Painful and dehumanizing personal injuries and wrongful death typically result. Examples of nursing home abuse shock the conscience and include: deprivation of necessary medical care and food or water; dirty bed linens and clothes; left for hours alone in a room; unreasonable physical constraints; intentional drugging and sedation used as a form of restraint; harassment, and humiliation; physical abuse and rape; elders left in dirty clothes and diapers; elders left in their own urine and feces; skin rashes; and fatigue. Physical and psychological abuse include: malnutrition and dehydration, bed and pressure sores, skin rashes, weight loss, unexplained injuries, broken bones, bruises and scratches, depression, confusion, and fear of retaliation.

California has special laws to combat elder abuse. California’s Welfare and Institutions Code allows legal actions for "Elder Abuse." Remedies for elder abuse include monetary compensation for pain and suffering, all medical and end of life care expenses, loss of income and benefits, and attorney fees. In addition, for the spouse of an abused victim, money damages also include “loss of consortium” which is the loss of society, comfort and care. Punitive damages are often awarded for bad faith, malicious, oppressive, fraudulent or particularly reckless conduct. The shame is too much….robbing elders of their dignity solely for corporate profits and increased bonus checks to corporate officers and directors.

Financial Elder Abuse
Elder citizens and their retirement assets and investments are vulnerable and at risk from unscrupulous businesses and individuals. California’s Elder Abuse laws protect elders from financial victimization that results “…when any person or entity takes, secretes, appropriates or retains real or personal property of an elder or dependent adult with the intent to wrongfully use or defraud, or who assists in doing so.” Financial elder abuse encompasses real estate and business investments and agents that are deceptive, manipulative and fraudulent. Also included are trustees and family members who are in control of the elder’s finances. It is important not to blame the elder victim, which is often done by the wrongdoers. Failure to pay legitimate medical policy claims for elder care can also be financial elder abuse and insurance bad faith.

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