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Hostility, discrimination, mistreatment, and harassment have no place at the jobsite and offices where hard working people spend the majority of their time away from home. Unfortunately, employers create hostile work environments and wrongfully terminate employees based on discrimination and the violation of civil rights; and then try to cover-up the illegality blaming the employee and the economy.

Employment discrimination, retaliation, and harassment comes in many different forms, i.e., race and ethnicity, disabilities, age, religion, and gender and sexual orientation. Additionally, workers are wrongfully terminated in violation of public policy, which involves an employer terminating an employee who reports misconduct or illegal activities to the employer.

Legal remedies include enforcing employment contracts (both oral and written), monetary compensation for past and future wages, pain and suffering, and may include statutory damages and attorney’s fees. Punitive damages can be awarded against employers for malicious, oppressive and fraudulent discrimination, retaliation and harassment.

Labor Laws Relating to Wages and Hours
A real problem facing employees are employers who do not follow the law when it comes to pay and overtime. California law provides employees the ability to file legal claims based on an employer’s failure to pay overtime; miscalculating overtime; misclassification to avoid paying overtime; garnishing tips; not allowing required meal and rest breaks; requiring "off the clock" work; and deducting wages for cash shortages or broken equipment. Legal remedies include monetary compensation for past and future wages, and may include statutory damages and attorney’s fees.

Workers Compensation
When injured on the job, workers may apply for workers' compensation and other government benefits, but these are limited and may never really fully compensate the injured work victim. But, when defective products and machinery are involved or the worker is an injured employee of an independent contractor hired to perform work in hazardous conditions on property owned by third parties, injured workers may be able to go beyond workers compensation and file a civil lawsuit against manufacturers, suppliers and premises owners for workplace injuries.

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