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INSURANCE BAD FAITH                                                                

The insurance industry is big with great power over vulnerable individual and business policyholders. The failure and refusal of insurance companies to pay or provide insurance benefits is “bad faith.” Individuals, families, and businesses pay large sums of hard-earned money every year to purchase insurance benefits for peace of mind and security. These faulires are a breach of contract.

When an insurance company improperly denies and fails to pay claims and benefits, or uses lopsided contracts, loopholes, or confusing fine print to deny claims, just when they are needed most, a great and devastating harm occurs. Customarily, the following types of insurance policies are involved: auto, home, life, medical, disability, property, title, general business liability, errors and omission, travel, and workers’ compensation. Additionally, when insurance companies and HMOs improperly deny medical payments and treatments to elders, that bad conduct can also be litigated under financial elder abuse laws.

Promising to Protect and Failing to Deliver
“Bad faith” also encompasses improper delay in paying benefits, failure to investigate, and failure to defend in lawsuits. These bad acts are usually done to grind down and wear out the insured to accept far less than what the insurer is obligated to pay. The Law Office represents people who have been harmed by the bad faith of insurance companies, and the law provides policyholders with remedies that include: policy benefits plus interest, monetary compensation for pain and suffering, past and future loss of income related to policy benefits, and in some cases attorney fees. Punitive damages are often awarded insurance companies for their bad faith, malicious, oppressive and fraudulent conduct. Collecting money by selling policies promising to protect insureds when they need it the most, and then failing to deliver….solely for profit at the expense of the insured who has suffered tragedy is wrong.

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