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The Law Office handles a wide variety of case.  Please click on the topics below to see how we can help you.

Accidents - Injury & Fatality
Automobile, Motorcycles, ATV, Pedestrian, Boats, Metro, Bus, Taxi, Railroad, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Tour Buses, Snowmobile; Military Aviation Crashes; Police Pursuit Crashes and Shootings; Dog Bite and Animal Attack; Assault and Battery.

Workplace Injuries

Caused by unsafe conditions at Power / Oil / Gas Facilities, Construction Sites, Factories, Shipyards, Harbors, Depots, Terminals, Farms, Foundries, Mills, and Mines; Faulty safety guards, punch presses, power tools, forklifts, tractors, ladders, scaffolding.

Defective Products
Injuries caused by unsafe / dangerous products. Automobile, SUV, Electric Tools, Machines, Appliances, Children’s Toys, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food Poisoning, Drugs & Medical Devices, Asbestos & Chemicals.

Injuries on Premises

Malls, Stores, Theme Parks, Arenas, Casinos, Hotels, Bars, Apartments, Condos, Roads, Waterways, Parks, Railroad & Metro Crossings, Bus / Train / Plane Terminals; Slip, Trip & Fall; Inadequate Security & Assault.

Business & Contracts
Contracts, Partnerships, Corporations, Unfair Competition, Antitrust, Entertainment, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Defamation, Patent Infringement, Bankruptcy.

Real Estate, Securities & Banking
Property damage caused by defects in construction, mold, neighbor activities; Broker, Bank and Securities Fraud; Forelcosures; Air & Water Rights; Nuisance & Trespass; Toxic Hazards & Neighborhood Contamination.

Insurance Bad Faith
Failure to pay, improper delay and denial of benefits: auto, home, life, medical, disability, property, title, general business liability, errors and omission, travel, and includes denial of medical treatments and medicine.

Malpractice, Breach of Confidence
Medical Malpractice (doctors, dentists, hospitals); Legal Malpractice (lawyers, law firms); Others (brokers, agents, trustees, planners, accountants relating to insurance, real estate and business investments); Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

Nursing Home & Financial Elder Abuse
Caused by lack of medical care, food or water; dirty bed linens and clothes; left alone; unreasonable constraints; humiliation; and skin rashes and bed sores. Financial Elder Abuse is defrauding and stealing an elder’s retirement assets and property.

Asbestos, Chemicals & Cancer

Serious and fatal diseases result from toxic exposures from industry work in Auto, Agriculture, Aviation, Coal, Construction, Maritime, Metal, Mines, Nuclear, Oil/Power/Gas, Transportation, Waste, Dry Cleaners, Health Care and High-tech Labs.

Class Action & Mass Torts
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diet & Supplement Products, Toxic Environmental and Community Groundwater, Calif. 17200 (Unfair Business Practices and Deceptive Advertising), Asbestos Claims to Bankruptcy Trusts.

Discrimination, Civil Rights & Labor Laws
Unpaid Overtime, Garnished Tips, Layoffs, Non-Competition Clauses and Illegal Employment Contracts, Title VII and Civil Rights, Harassment, Discrimination, Maritime & Jones Act, FELA & FEHA, Workers Compensation.

Green Cards, Visas, Citizenship, Family, Employment, Business, Investor, Tourism, Humanitarian, Military, Student, DREAM ACT, Defense from Deportation, Appeals.

Contact Us today by email or at (310) 204-1910 for a free initial consultation to discuss any potential case or problem. The Law Office of Joseph C. Maher can help protect your rights and assist you in obtaining full compensation for any personal injury or business matters you may have. We welcome lawyer referrals.

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