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PREMISES LIABILITY                                                                   
A large number of accident and workplace injuries & fatalities result from a slip, trip, fall, or other accidents on the premises of:

• stores and malls
• theme parks
• sports arenas
• recreational facilities
• hotels
• bars
• restaurants
• casino
• parks
• schools
• apartment complexes
• transportation terminals

Serious injuries and fatalities that are caused by property defects commonly include:

• collapsing stairwells
• spills that are not cleaned       
• defective handrails
• a chair that breaks
• assault and battery
• dog attacks and bites

• holes and trenches
• amusement park rides
• swimming pools and drowning
• dangerous conditions during construction or remodel
• improper maintenance and security
• ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) violations

Remedies for injuries include monetary compensation for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, future life care support, past and future loss of income and earning capacity, and loss of benefits. In addition, for the spouse/caretaker of an injured or wrongful death victim, the law allows for compensation for the loss of household services and “loss of consortium” which is the loss of society, comfort and care. Punitive damages may be awarded for malicious, oppressive, fraudulent or particularly reckless conduct.

Contact Us today by email or at (310) 204-1910 for a free initial consultation to discuss any potential case or problem. Premise Liability cases can be difficult and complex cases. If you or a loved one has been injured, the Law Office of Joseph C. Maher can help protect your rights and assist you in obtaining the full compensation to which you deserve. We welcome lawyer referrals.

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