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Real Estate and Property Damage
Residences, farms, factories, and business properties are important and significant investments. Many legal claims are filed involving physical damage to property caused by fire, water, earthquake, landslide, flood, tornadoes, or other natural catastrophes. These claims are also related to homeowner, business, and title insurance, and include claims for loss of personal property and loss of machinery and business income. When insurance companies improperly delay or deny these claims, this is insurance bad faith. Many property damage claims are also caused by construction defects, nuisances, toxic hazards, and by activities of adjacent land owners. Remedies may include monetary compensation for physical property loss, remediation costs, loss of value, and other incidental expenses. Condemnation and eminent domain by the government are also included.

Agent and Broker Misconduct
Real estate brokers and agents frequently work both sides of the transaction (representing the buyer and seller) and use one client against the other, or disclose some facts to one client and conceal facts from the other. Unfairly using and representing clients with such conflicts of interest is appalling. These actions violate strict legal duties of loyalty and honesty that brokers and agents owe to their clients. Legal claims also result from fraudulent property disclosures. Buyers’ agents fail in their due diligence of researching property defects that can be very expensive to cure and repaid. Other times, sellers’ agents intentionally fail disclose known, but hidden, property defects just to make the sale. Broker and agent professional misconduct and breaches of confidence are forms of malpractice and clients who are harmed have significant legal rights.

Stock and Investment Fraud
Fraud in stock market and investments include misinformation and false reports by companies offering stock, as well as, illegal insider trading and short selling. Financial agents and planners hired to build and manage money accounts and stock portfolios owe a duty of honesty and loyalty to their clients. Agents and planners that steal from their clients or who promote bad and risky investments solely to generate fees at the expense of the clients’ investments can be sued for malpractice and breach of fiduciary duties. Unscrupulous transactions by agents and companies that prey on the investments of the elderly can be litigated under financial elder abuse laws.

Bank Lender Fraud
Predatory lending frequently involves multiple refinances or swapping an original low interest loan for a higher interest refinance loan. Undisclosed kickbacks and hidden and excessive fees are illegal and can be the subject of a class action lawsuit. Banks and landlords are not following the law in foreclosures and evictions. Remedies may include recovering property damage losses, down payments and monthly payments, halting foreclosures and evictions, nullifying and rescinding contracts. In cases of fraud, the law also allows for the pain and suffering caused by breaches of confidence and fraud, and may also include, attorneys’ fees and punitive damages.

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