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WORKERS COMPENSATION                                                     

Workers' Compensation is insurance purchased by the employer for work related accidents and should not be overlooked. When injured on the job, workers typically first apply for worker's compensation benefits to secure temporary and permanent disability benefits, medical treatment payments, or death benefits for fatalities.

However, Workers' Compensation insurance benefits have set limits and in some instances may be the exclusive remedy for the injured worker when a separate lawsuit for a defective product or unsafe premises is not available. Often times the payouts are much less than what injured workers and their families may need to live, and may never really fully compensate the injured work victim for: bills and expenses, lost income, or loss of future earnings and capacity. There may be other sources to supplement income such as Social Security Disability, and other government programs, but again these benefits may be very limited.

But, when defective products and dangerous industrial machinery or equipment cause injury or fatality, injured workers and their families can go beyond Workers Compensation and file a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer and supplier of the equipment for unlimited compensation of lost wages and disability, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Additionally, injured employees of an independent contractor hired to perform work on property owned by third parties may again have separate rights beyond Workers Compensation for a premises liability action against contractors, subcontractors, maintenance companies, property owners, and others in certain situations involving dangerous and hazardous conditions and unsafe equipment.

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