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WORKPLACE INJURIES                                                              

Millions of workers across the United States and in the Military go to work every day in jobs that require using machinery, equipment, transportation, and tools that can cause serious injury or death. A large number of personal injuries & wrongful death claims result from workplace injuries related to an unsafe work equipment and environment occur at construction, manufacturing, factory and heavy industry sites; in the military; at refineries, foundries, shipyards, harbors and ports; and at railroads, airports, farms, mills, and mines.

Often these accidents are caused by defective industrial machinery and unsafe premises conditions and include: defective safety guards, punch presses, table saws and woodworking machinery, forklifts and skid loaders, jack hammers, nail guns, power tools, hoists and rigging, ladders and scaffolding, collapsing roofs and structures, wet or uneven surfaces, trenches and holes, tractors and backhoes, generators and power sources, conveyors, mixers, pipes, welding equipment, metalworking and foundry machines. The injured worker may be able to maintain a lawsuit for defective products or premises liability.

Workplace injuries at also involve repetitive motion injuries like bending, moving and lifting heavyweight and large items; hand and elbow movement in assembly line work; bending and kneeling for installer work such as brick, tiles, carpeting; typing and data entry that affect wrists, neck and eyes; or any other on the job injury. Injuries caused by exposure to Asbestos & Toxic Hazards that include chemicals and solvents, asbestos, benzene, pesticides, and paint are considered on-the-job occupational diseases and are included as Defective Products used by workers.

Workers who are victims of defective products suffer from serious injuries to all parts of the body, including the neck, back, spine, nerves, muscles, joints and soft tissue. Vision and hearing loss, burns, infection, scarring, broken bones, amputation, crushed fingers, hands, toes and feet and disfigurement are also common. Concussions and brain injury, coma, paralysis, and death do occur. In looking at facts, figures and reports from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics it becomes all too clear that there are many products recalled due to defects, and that a high percentage of workers are injured due to dangerous products and conditions.

Workers Compensation is always an issue and may be the exclusive remedy for the injuried worker when a separate lawsuit for a defective product or unsafe premises is not available. Click here for more information.

Non-workers compensation remedies for injuries include monetary compensation for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, future life care support, past and future loss of income and earning capacity, and loss of benefits. In addition, for the spouse/caretaker of an injured or wrongful death victim, the law allows for compensation for the loss of household services and “loss of consortium” which is the loss of society, comfort and care. Punitive damages may be awarded for malicious, oppressive, fraudulent or particularly reckless conduct.

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