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Professional Negligence
Professionals owe a duty to their clients to perform their services competently and ethically. Quite often individuals and businesses suffer damage because the professionals they hired failed to use due care in the handling of their work. Professional negligence claims are commonly known as malpractice.

These cases vary and typically include claims against doctors, dentists and hospitals for medical malpractice; lawyers and law firms for legal malpractice; and brokers, agents, accountants, and financial planners  for malpractice relating to business investments. These claims include real estate, securities, stocks, insurance, unauthorized or inflated billing for services, fees, and costs (“churning”); and billing for services not rendered. Additionally, unscrupulous transactions by brokers, agents, and institutions that prey on the investments of the elderly can be litigated under financial elder abuse laws.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Often the malpractice claims are related to a breach of confidence. The relationship between a professional and client is one that calls for trust, loyalty to the client, honesty and integrity, no conflicts of interest, no double dealing, and certainly not to steal. The duty of undivided loyalty and fidelity is called "fiduciary duty," and is also applicable to business partners. When entrusted with confidences, information, money, legal and medical care, professionals and partners are not allowed to use these things for personal gain at the client’s or other partner’s expense. Breach of fiduciary duty claims are also commonly included in lawsuits involving malpractice.

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